In the past, our uniform order was placed all at once on a club level so that families who ordered late held up the whole club order.

This season, orders will be filled individually which will ensure that the whole Club order is not late because of a few families. REPEAT: Orders will be placed by families NOT by teams and NOT by the club.  Therefore, if a family does not order their child’s uniform in time it will not impact the team or the club.  It will only impact the family.

Orders will be delivered directly to families for $8 or the family can opt to pick up the order (free) at Huntingdon Valley, Lancaster or Berwyn Angelos Soccer Corner locations.


NOTE:  This is a FILL IN Year which means that the uniform style has not changed.  It is the same as last season.  This is our second year in a two year buying cycle.

JUNE 3 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Allentown Jewish Community Center located at 22nd and Tilghman Streets.

Players are to remove shoes and cleats and should wear under garments that will allow for easy changing as there are no dressing rooms in the Cafeteria and players WILL NOT be allowed to take samples from the tryon area. 

Tryon Sheets to record sizes will be provided but can also be found by clicking here.